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    As we near the 10th anniversary of the forum (and the 12th anniversary of the site), I am proud to reveal the new and improved Hanifin Family Genealogy site! The revamped site is far easier to update, and less vulnerable to junk mail senders (aka spammers).

    Please ask you questions here, as you are more likely to get your questions answered if you post them here than if you send them directly to me. [:-)]

    This is also a great place to share your family stories and history! I hope you find this forum helpful!

    Brian J. Hanifin



    I am attempting to locate the relatives of Cletus Hanifin in Southern California. He was a Lawyer in the Los Angeles area in the 1970’s. Please let me know if they may be part of your family tree. Thank you.



    hello there . . . 😀
    em a newbie here in the forum , and wondering being the forum is too old about 10 years but where are the members of the forum.
    not much threads no so many post,whats the reason ?



    Brian, I have a cousin named Brian, is your dad Uncle Jimmy? And there was an uncle Jerry and Vincent and my dad Joseph.

    I live in Sopchoppy and I am in my 70’s. Are you this relative?



    joseph maher





    My apologies. When I setup this new forum I thought it was setup to post new topics on the home page of hanifin.net, which would notify me of new posts. Apparently there was a breakdown in the process that I need to repair. All this time I was under the impression that I drove everyone away by changing the site!

    @kasommers: I am not aware of a Cletus in my family, but I have heard from Hanifin lawyers over the years from the eastern United States. If you search through the forum you may find more info on the east coast lawyer Hanifin’s.

    @tavani: In the past I noticed there were only a handful of discussions every year, so this is normal. Now that I know the site is somewhat active I will be sure to keep an eye on it again.

    @wally: My dad is David Joseph Hanifin, son of John Joseph Hanifin.

    @joemaher: Thank you for sharing your knowledge with others on this site. Honestly I am not a genealogy researcher, but I put this site together out of curiosity. Any help you can provide to others is very much appreciated!



    hello, my first post and a question to you. are you related to the thurles hanifins and if so i am also my grandfather patrick o’reilly of carlow town married mary hearns and her sister married a hanifin. can you enlighten me on this scenario.


    joseph maher

    Sorry my came from kerry






    My name is James M Manning Haymarket Virginia formerly of The Bronx, New York. My Grandmother was Ellen ìNellieî Hanifin. She was born approximately 1872 and married Johnie Nellie OíMainin (Manning) and lived in Terravane, Ballyferriter, Dingle. She died circa 1957 in Terravane. I am told that she had a brother John Hanifin who emigrated to the USA and settled very near Comiskey Park in Chicago, Illinois. John had at least 5 children. A son Jerry (Gerry) and four daughters. A first cousin of Jerry would be a Reverend Martin Manning from IOWA who has lost touch with this family and its progeny. Do any of the Hanifin Family Trees have a similar thread in same?

    Someone responded as follows:
    John Hanifin was my grandfather. And as far I know his sister was Nellie. We know of Martin Manning, he was from the the diocese of Davenport. I last sawhim in about 1982. My grandfather had 5 children, Gerald, Margaret, Helen, Marie and Mildred.

    I will refer your email to my brother Edmund Burke who has more of the history.

    Can the poster of this information and/or Edmund Burke contact me. My contact information is as follows: jmmhmm@aol.com



    I can’t believe that I found Hanifin information with this spelling. My Dad always told me that the spelling was often varied. My Dad, Daniel, was born in 1901 in Inch Strand, Dingle area of Co.Kerry. He, his brothers John and Dennis, emigrated to the USA in the around the 1920s. Their brother, Stephen, stayed in Co. Kerry. My Dad settled in Brooklyn, NY., then moved to Newark, NJ after marrying my mother. My uncles settled in Newark also. My grandparents were Patrick Hanifin and Ellen Moriarty of Inch Strand.

    I was never aware of any Hanifin cousins, though my Dad told of some settling in California and Australia.

    My brothers, Patrick and John, and I were born and raised here in NJ. Patrick is deceased. My six Hanifin nephews are scattered between NJ, Va, Pa, and Mass.

    Teresa Hanifin Stevens


    Hey folks! Just reaching out to anyone interested in the Florence, Oneida County, NY and/or the Yonkers, NY Hanifins. These were William Hanifin’s and John Hanifin, two brothers who came over from Kerry in 1834-35. The William was married to Ellen Malone in FLorence NY. He had John, William, Ellen, Catherine, Bridget (m. Connors) and Mary. John moved with his family to Yonkers NY. around 1885. His brother John married a Mary Golden in Oneida Co.,NY but moved with his family (Catherine, John, William B,and Thomas) to Palmer MA. They then had a son Morris there. Eventually John and Mary ended up in Chicopee (before I lost them!) Their children ended up all around the Springfield area- Longmeadow, Palmer etc…let me know if you’d like more info!





    This is in response to KASOMMERS
    I am Teresa Hanifin. My father Cletus James Hanifin was an attorney is Southern CA. He moved here from Illinos. He had 3 sons and adopted me. His first son was Patrick Hanifin. He remarried and had James Cletus Hanifin and Michael James Hanifin. He remarried after the death of his second wife and Virginia Lee Cook and him adopted me and named me Teresa Hanifin. Cletus had a brother and 2 sisters. Bill Hanifin moved to Hawaii and Margaret married and became Margaret Robertson. Marcella was the youngest she married and became Marcella Bray. I hope this helps.



    Hello Hanifin clan!
    I’d like to get in touch with Teresa Hanifin (thanifin). I’m a writer / publisher from England doing some research for a book project. Could you contact me please?



    I am the one who posted the above post my contact info is iamterric@gmail.com. I could not remember my password for Thanifin. You may contact me I will return you email. Terri Cook aka Teresa Hanifin

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