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My name is James M Manning Haymarket Virginia formerly of The Bronx, New York. My Grandmother was Ellen ìNellieî Hanifin. She was born approximately 1872 and married Johnie Nellie OíMainin (Manning) and lived in Terravane, Ballyferriter, Dingle. She died circa 1957 in Terravane. I am told that she had a brother John Hanifin who emigrated to the USA and settled very near Comiskey Park in Chicago, Illinois. John had at least 5 children. A son Jerry (Gerry) and four daughters. A first cousin of Jerry would be a Reverend Martin Manning from IOWA who has lost touch with this family and its progeny. Do any of the Hanifin Family Trees have a similar thread in same?

Someone responded as follows:
John Hanifin was my grandfather. And as far I know his sister was Nellie. We know of Martin Manning, he was from the the diocese of Davenport. I last sawhim in about 1982. My grandfather had 5 children, Gerald, Margaret, Helen, Marie and Mildred.

I will refer your email to my brother Edmund Burke who has more of the history.

Can the poster of this information and/or Edmund Burke contact me. My contact information is as follows: