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Brian Hanifin on “Mary Ashe + Thomas Herlihy = Mane Ashe + Dane Hurlihy”

As this site’s tagline says “A forum by a non-genealogy researcher.” I put this site up about 12 years ago as as way to share some of the information my father had been gathering. Unfortunately, he lost all of his research in a hard drive crash and lost his momentum.

Your conclusions definitely sound like we could be related. I will share your message with my dad and grandparents and see what htye think.

J. Moriarty on “Mary Ashe + Thomas Herlihy = Mane Ashe + Dane Hurlihy”

Greetings Brian, my grandmother’s father was known as Thomas “the Dane” Herlihy and according to my records, he married Mary Ashe on 14 Feb 1899 in Dingle and they lived at Aghacarrible/Aughacarrible, Lispole.

Mary Ashe, my great-grandmother, was born in 1873 at Doonties West to Gregory Ashe (b. 1840) and Mary Griffin (b. 1851, Kinard West). I have a sneaking suspicion Mary and Thomas are your “Mane” and “Dane.” I don’t recall my grandmother mentioning her mother being called Mane, but maybe she actually was refered to as Mane because of Thomas being called “the Dane.” It would make sense and of course, be humorous (and my memory isn’t that great, so she may have mentioned it and I’ve just forgotten).

The other childrem I have born to Gregory Ashe and Mary Griffin are Johanna (b. 1875), Margaret (b. 1877), John (b. 1879) and Bridget (b. 1881). Johanna m. Patrick Brosnan. I don’t have marriage info on the last 3 children.

Please let me know if you agree that my folks match yours and if so, if you’d like more information from my records. :o)

My grandmother was Johanna Theresa Herlihy, b. 1905, emigrated to Chicago in 1925 and married Bartholomew Moriarty in 1933.

Thanks in advance and what a great website you have!
Jacki Moriarty, Chicago, IL, USA