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Brian Hanifin on “Welcome to the New Hanifin Genealogy Site and Forum”

My apologies. When I setup this new forum I thought it was setup to post new topics on the home page of, which would notify me of new posts. Apparently there was a breakdown in the process that I need to repair. All this time I was under the impression that I drove everyone away by changing the site!

@kasommers: I am not aware of a Cletus in my family, but I have heard from Hanifin lawyers over the years from the eastern United States. If you search through the forum you may find more info on the east coast lawyer Hanifin’s.

@tavani: In the past I noticed there were only a handful of discussions every year, so this is normal. Now that I know the site is somewhat active I will be sure to keep an eye on it again.

@wally: My dad is David Joseph Hanifin, son of John Joseph Hanifin.

@JOEMAHER: Thank you for sharing your knowledge with others on this site. Honestly I am not a genealogy researcher, but I put this site together out of curiosity. Any help you can provide to others is very much appreciated!